Collegium Basilea

(Institute of Advanced Study)

Applied Complexity Research Centre (ACRC)

The Centre exists to promote application of the ideas of complexity theory to real-world problems. Typically these problems encompass many interrelated factors and traditional methods of tackling them have been unsuccessful.

To understand something of the background of the approach, the book Complexity and Security (eds J.J. Ramsden and P.J. Kervalishvili) may be consulted; many of the chapters are written by members of the ACRC.

A unique feature of the Centre's work is that the economic consequences of different possible courses of action to tackle a problem are quantitatively assessed, using a quality-of-life approach.

Much of the work of the Centre is organized around projects to solve specific problems, but research work, not specially commissioned, is also undertaken and published.

Anyone interested in working with the Centre should first contact the Director, ACRC, with a proposal (e-mail:

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