Collegium Basilea

(Institute of Advanced Study)


Much of the work of the Collegium Basilea is financed by individual and corporate donations. We are profoundly grateful to those who support us in this way, thereby helping us to maintain our independence and impartiality. Please contact our Treasurer if you wish to make a donation. As well as our general fund, any special wishes in respect of which will be scrupulously respected, we also maintain the following special funds:

Our Honorary Representatives in Moscow and Hong Kong will gladly discuss matters with potential benefactors in those places.

Ethical guidelines on the acceptance of benefactions

Our Governing Board will address the following questions:

1. Do the intended purposes of the benefaction fall within the commitment and mission of the Collegium Basilea?
2. Would any additional costs or burdens be created by acceptance of the proposed benefaction?
3. Is there published (publicly documented and verifiable) evidence that the proposed benefaction arises from activity that: suppressed, falsified or otherwise distorted academic research; limited freedom of inquiry; violated international conventions governing war and human rights; was morally repugnant; was criminal; evaded taxation?
4. Would the terms of the proposed benefaction: create an unacceptable conflict of interest for the Collegium Basilea; limit freedom of inquiry; suppress, falsify or otherwise distort academic research; require illegal action?
5. Would acceptance of the proposed benefaction or compliance with its terms damage the reputation of the Collegium Basilea?