Collegium Basilea

(Institute of Advanced Study)

The Millennium Project

The Millennium Project essentially began with the Actions 1 and 2, launched in 2005 and 2007 respectively. Since then a more systematic and comprehensive framework has been constructed.

There are three principal divisions:

  1. Grand engineering challenges and solutions (focusing on sustainability and cancer)
  2. Redefining the knowledge-based economy: the learning-based economy (LBE) (adult technical literacy; infant learning; graduate education; understanding innovation)
  3. Implementation (including research quality assessment).

The Infant Learning Task Group (ILTG) has initiated a series of folk tales from different lands. See the Publications page for more details.

The Millennium Project is organized directly by the President's Office, to which enquiries should be directed (e-mail: Proposals to join or otherwise contribute to the Project are greatly welcomed.