Nanotechnology Perceptions

A Review of Advanced Technologies and their Impacts

Nanotechnology Perceptions is published to provide a stimulating forum for the exchange of ideas and information concerning nanotechnology (including bionanotechnology and nanomedicine), ultraprecision engineering and other emerging technologies. Each issue contains essays on critical issues of the technologies themselves, as well as incisive appraisals of their impact on human life, society and its institutions. Articles are intended for a worldwide readership, and should be of especial interest to leaders in industry, commerce (including bankers and investors), the professions, politics and public administration, and all others who must make decisions based on a sober, impartial assessment of the potential—and risks—of emerging technologies in their areas of work.

Nanotechnology Perceptions (ISSN 1660-6795) is published three times a year (March, July and November) by the Collegium Basilea (Institute of Advanced Study) in Basel, Switzerland. Volume 19 is scheduled to appear in 2023.

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